December 22, 2016

School Board launches new school drive

By Jerry W. Kram
The Parshall School District received the bad news a few years ago that the current high school building has some structural problems and should be replaced in the next decade. The Parshall School Board voted to start working with the public to plan for its replacement, possibly in time for the 2018 school year.
Trevor Huffaker with EngTech presented a concept drawing to show the board how a new high school could fit on the district’s existing property and still have room for future expansion if necessary. He and school superintendent Beth Schwarz both emphasized that this was not a plan but just a guide to show how the project could be done.
Huffaker said the drawing represented what other schools the size of the Parshall were building and how the building would fit in the area north of the current High School. He said the drawing represented a 57,000 square foot building, which is larger than the current high school at 43,000 sq.ft. He said such a building would cost an estimated $15 million.
Schwarz told the board that she expects enrollment in Parshall to be stable at 265 to 275 students for the next three to five years. She went through a list of more than a dozen problems with the current building, including water intrusion under the building, asbestos mitigation, odor problems and an outdated fire suppression system that would collectively take millions of dollars to repair.

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