July 8, 2011

School board talks tri-plex, superintendent interviews

School board talks tri-plex, superintendent interviews
The Parshall school board received tough news in regards to its tri-plex project at its meeting June 29. There is no way the job will be completed in time at the planned location at the old rodeo grounds. The board has revised its plan and will move the location of the tri-plex next to its existing housing near the football field.
Board Vice President Michelle Billadeau said that the majority of the committee overseeing the project voted to move the tri-plex, but that it was by no means a unanimous vote.
“I feel really bad,” said Billadeau. “I know everyone has worked really hard on this.”
The tri-plex will be finished by July 18 and will have to be delivered from Minnesota. Tenants will need to move in before school and teacher inservices begin August 15, so the board hopes that the tri-plex can be ready by August 10. Several teachers who are moving to the area were promised housing, and there are few options for them if the tri-plex isn’t completed.
The biggest problem is bringing water and sewer to the site. The city is planning on extending its current water and sewer line, but that won’t be done until the fall, long after the projected move-in date. “There isn’t water and sewer there yet,” said board President Carol Zacher, “and until more of that is done, we can’t get a building permit for it.”
In addition, the board didn’t receive any bids for the finishing work for the tri-plex, which includes hooking up utilities, building garages, shingling and interior work.

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