June 8, 2017

School District decides on new school plan

By Jerry W. Kram
If voters approve, Parshall could have a new school building by the 2018-19 school year.
The Parshall School Board discussed the proposal with Jim Parras of Consolidated Construction and Trevor Huffaker of EngTech at its regular meeting on Tuesday. Huffaker gave the board the results of a citizens committee meeting that happened before the board meeting. In previous meetings, the committee had narrowed down the concepts for a new school to two, one that would preserve the current gymnasium and a second that would build a whole new school.
“Eight of the nine committee members preferred the second concept to the one that would preserve the old gym,” Huffaker said.
The proposed school would have an area of 80,190 square feet.The proposal would cost the district about $19 million, as opposed to $17 million for the other plan, Paaras explained.

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