February 3, 2012

School for Tots Opens in the Rockview Plaza

School for Tots Opens in the Rockview Plaza
By Jerry W. Kram
Connie Rood just can’t get enough of working with kids, it seems.
The 38 year veteran of the Parshall School District retired this spring, but was recruited by Parshall 2000 to be the director of a new daycare in the Rockview Plaza. The Rockview Plaza School for Tots opened Wednesday with a full capacity of 18 children.
“Kenton Onstad approached me about being the director,” Rood said. “I was free and he asked me and I said OK! I know we need a daycare in Parshall. We have two fine daycares, but they are full and have a waiting list.”
The daycare received its certification Tuesday and was open for business the following day. Rood said the facility was licensed to have 18 children. The daycare had little problem finding customers.
“We were filled up very quickly,” Rood said. “We didn’t want to advertise until we got our license. So it was just through word of mouth. The other daycares were nice enough to refer people from their waiting lists to us. It just mushroomed and it was awesome. We didn’t have to worry about the kids at all. In fact, we now have a waiting list.”
Parents from as far away as Plaza and New Town have signed up, Rood said.
The School for Tots is open from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Business Manager Wendy Wohlk said the daycare has its own kitchen and will serve the children breakfast and lunch as well as morning and afternoon snacks.
“We try to accommodate ourselves to the parent’s needs,” Wohlk said. “We have full time, we have part time, we have drop in, we have before and after school programs. So we are pretty widespread.”

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