August 17, 2017

School referendum comes down to the wire

By Jerry W. Kram
August 22 will determine what the Parshall School District looks like in the coming years.
That is the day voters will decide whether or not to take a $5.4 million subsidized loan from the State of North Dakota to build a new high school in Parshall.
Parshall School Superintendent Beth Schwarz made one last push to explain the details of the project at an open house at the elementary school.
“The big thing I am concerned about is the funding,” said Marsha Burckhard, who attended the open house. “How is it going to be worked out. There are so many ifs. Talk in the community is about how are you going to pay for the school. There were some answers at the first meeting the community had. I’m hoping to get more answers this evening.”
“I really want to make sure of the funding,” said Rick Hovda. “Are the sources really here?”

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