March 11, 2011

Self defense course may be coming to Parshall High School

Self defense course may be coming to Parshall High School
Border Patrol agent teaches young women how to protect themselves

During his superintendent’s report to the Parshall School Board Tuesday night, Steve Cascaden told the board that he had been to a regional superintendents meeting in which a self defense expert provided a demonstration.
Cascaden was so impressed with the demonstration, that he asked the board to consider bringing the man to Parshall to teach self defense to those who may be interested.
Ryan Ziliak is a Border Patrol agent who lives in Sherwood and works for the Border Patrol out of Portal. He has taught his class in Mohall and Sherwood and has provided this training through the Renville County Sheriff’s Department.
Cascaden said that part of his demonstration at the regional superintendents meeting was to inform those attending that Ziliak will go around to area schools on his own time and teach self defense, mostly to young women, who are most vulnerable, especially when they go on to college.
“It was an interesting discussion,” Cascaden said. “It shows girls how to get out of various situations. It’s very worthwhile and valuable information.”
Cascaden said he has already talked to teacher Ruth Zacher about it and she appeared to be interested in hosting Ziliak at Parshall High School. Ziliak will also make himself available to teach adult women during night sessions.

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