December 4, 2009

Sew Great!

Sew Great!
Area seamstresses win with wool
The benefits of sewing with wool are endless according to two area seamstresses. And the amazing part is that both seamstresses who recognize this are under the age of 16!
Twelve-year-old Sierra Rensch of New Town and 15-year-old Madeleinne Zacher of Parshall will attest, that nothing sews better, shapes better, or drapes better than woolen fabric. Not only are the benefits of sewing with wool unmatched by any other fabric according to the girls, the benefits of sewing with wool have something to do with the ‘Make It With Wool’ contest.
The North Dakota ‘Make It With Wool’ contest was held at the Doublewood Inn in Bismarck in conjunction with the Lamb and Wool Producers Convention, Nov. 20.
Mariah Billadeau of Raub also competed in the contest.
The benefits of sewing for the contest are unmatched because Rensch won a new sewing machine and Zacher won an all-expense paid trip to Nashville, Tenn., as well as many other prizes including cuts of Pendleton wool and sewing supplies.
Zacher not only placed first in her age division, she also won the ‘creativity award’ so she was presented with a collection of machine embroidery thread.
Rensch is a first time entrant of the state ‘Make It With Wool’ contest. She chose to sew a piece of wool that was very fitting to her personality and physical coloring. She constructed a lined pleated skirt and capelet. The outfit was so fitting to her that she was chosen as the state winner.

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