May 4, 2017

Sheriff's office has busy year

Mountrail County Sheriff Ken Halvorson released his department’s activity report for the year of 2016.
A total of 38,860 entries were recorded in the Sheriff’s Department in 2016. Broken down into law enforcement categories, this included 24,316 entries relating to Sheriff’s Department activities; 971 for the Stanley Police Department; 3941 for the New Town Police Department; 952 for the Fort Berthold Tribal Police and 67 for the State Highway Patrol.
The Mountrail County Enhanced 911 System is housed at the Mountrail County Sheriff’s Department in Stanley, with the Mountrail County Sheriff being the 911 Coordinator. The County’s 911 system completed its 2oth year in 2016. A total of 5384 calls were received in 2016. The average number of 911 calls for 2016 was 14.8 per day. In 2016 there were 1627 calls for service logged pertaining to ambulance services, and 529 fire calls for service. Other entries in the daily log for 2016 included 584 alarm calls and 759 calls relating to prisoners.

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