December 27, 2017

Stories of the Year 2017

Little Learners have big dreams
By Edna Sailor
Little Learners scrambled into a classroom at Parshall Elementary School this September. It is a new program for three to five year olds and will help them orient to the idea of school and other positive experiences before Kindergarten.
The 13 new students were off to a good start learning to move in an orderly manner from school room to playground  with the guidance of their teachers, Whitney Carter and assistant Eli Schwarz and a long rope to grasp which keeps children focused on their line. Once they arrived, the four slides, and an assortment of other play equipment allowed thirteen energetic little ones to burn off quite a bit of energy. Some kids learned that climbing up the slide when others are coming down is probably not a good idea. Teacher Whitney assisted them with that lesson.

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