July 19, 2018

Street project on track despite rains

By Jerry W. Kram
The Parshall Main Street Project is still on track to be finished in August despite delays caused by repeated rainstorms that halted work for much of June.
City Engineer Jason Strand reported to the council last week that the delays will mean that the project could be as much as two weeks behind schedule. He added that the contractor did make use of the days when crews couldn’t work on excavating and installing sewer mains by installing fire hydrants and other associated tasks during that time. He added that just about everything in the first phase of the project that could be done before the ground dries out was done.
Public Works Director Al Christianson said while the surface of the ground looks dry there was still a lot of moisture under the surface. He added that the south end of Main Street has had runoff problems for years but that conditions for the contractor should improve as the project moves uphill to the north.

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