November 12, 2015

Streets and strokes on council agenda

By Jerry W. Kram

Streets and (golf) strokes were a big part of the agenda at the most recent Parshall City Council meeting.

The council approved a motion to start planning for the city’s 2016 streets and sewer renovation. Parshall has been gradually renovating its infrastructure since 2012 and the process will continue for at least another two years.

The 2016 project plan was presented by city engineer Jasper Klein of AE2S. Klein said that next year’s project will replace 1st Street from 1st Ave. NW north to across 3rd Ave and the portion of 1st Ave. between 1st and 2nd Streets. The project would also include more drainage improvements south and east of the elementary school.

Klein will start the process of designing the project and will report back to the council in the coming months.

Klein also reported that paving has started on the 2015 project and that is one of the last steps in this year’s project, along with some final concrete finishing and landscaping. The project is about a week behind schedule. He also reported that the city’s new sewage lagoons are close to completion and startup work should begin by mid-November.

The council considered a request that management of the Blatherwick Golf Course be taken over by the city. The golf association that manages the course is having problems coming up with money for higher insurance costs and is also having trouble getting enough volunteers to keep the course operating. The association would like the city to take over the course by January first.


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