December 18, 2013

Superintendent gets mixed review

By Jerry W. Kram

Dr. John Weidner had his annual review at the regular meeting of the Parshall School Board on Thursday. This year Weidner received what could be looked at as a "silver star" instead of a "gold star" for his performance.

Each board member submitted his or her review of Weidner before the meeting began and they were read by Board President Carol Zacher. Who wrote which review was not announced at the meeting. While the vast majority of the 18 to 20 areas of review were unanimously deemed "satisfactory," there were there critical remarks where one of the five reviewers found Weidner’s performance unsatifactory.

The first area a reviewer commented on was this year’s budget process. With cuts to the school’s impact aid looming because of federal budget cuts and a new business manager, this year’s budget session was more complicated than usual. The reviewer thought Weider was perhaps overwhelmed by these complications. The commenter also noted that school had to make additional payments to some teachers retirement funds because mistakes were made in calculating the school district’s share.

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