November 2, 2017

Swaney’s journey comes full circle

By Edna Sailor
Ruth Ann Swaney is back home on the Fort Berthold Reservation now. She has accepted the position of Tribal Education Advocate. She did not think she would be gone so long and is formerly known to people here as Ruth Ann Hall.
“My expectation was I would move to Montana to earn graduate degrees and then return home. I do not think I anticipated it would be a twelve year journey,” Swaney said.
She has hit the ground running and has goals in mind for her new job.
“My goal is to do a good job for our MHA children. I want to see more of our Native youth make it through the education system and thrive. My job is just a small part of that equation. I love our people. I love our culture. I value education,” she said.
Swaney found much from her home to help her along the way before she even left Fort Berthold.

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