October 22, 2015

Taco Johns may be start of something big in Parshall

By Jerry W. Kram

Tribal Council Representative Mervin Packineau, Parshall Mayor Kyle Christianson and members of the Northeast Segment Community Board joined to break ground for a new restaurant in Parshall Tuesday.

The Community Board is building a Taco Johns on the east side of North Dakota Highway 37 about a block north of the Saddle Rack Saloon. Packineau said the Taco Johns will be the first part of a community development project for the city of Parshall.

"This should be one of the first Taco Johns franchises on the reservation or in the surrounding area," Packineau said. "We’re pretty excited about it. I hope it will serve the community the way we expect it to. It is the project of the Northeast Segment Community Board and all the revenue will go back to the board so they can help support the community."

Along with the restaurant, the project will dedicate about 10 percent of the acreage to a walking path and park that will be donated to the city of Parshall. Packineau said the park will provide a nice place for people to take their meals and eat outside when the weather warms up and will have a playground for children. The Community Board is also planning to build three eight-plexes on the 100 acre development next year.

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