September 16, 2011

TAT Firefighters fighting Texas wildfires

TAT Firefighters fighting Texas wildfires
By Jerry W. Kram
Three members for the MHA Nation Fire Management Program made the long trek to Texas with two engines to join thousands of other fire fighters battling the huge wildfires that are blackening tens of thousands of acres in Texas.
Marle Baker, Kipp Krueger and Micheal Odell were called up Sept. 7 for a two week stint, said Noel Baker, a prescribed burn specialist with TAT Fire Management. Baker said one engine was doing clean up work on the Bastrop fire, which involves locating and extinguishing hot spots. The Bastrop fire has consumed more than 34,000 acres – about 53 square miles – of rangeland, homes and communities. Baker said the other engine was acting as a backup, ready to be dispatched to Bastrop or one of the other 16 major fires in Texas at a moment’s notice.
“Marle went first and about three hours later they called for another engine,” Baker said. “Marle is doing mop up. Anything that is still smoking after the fire goes through, he will go in and put everything out.”
Baker said the other engine was on standby near Fort Worth, ready to attack small fires before they become major problems. Baker said Kreuger and Odell had fought four different fires in their first two days in Texas.

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