May 13, 2011

Taxable sales and purchases skyrocket

Taxable sales and purchases skyrocket
Plaza reaps a 411 percent increase; New Town up 63 percent
Taxable sales and purchases took a huge leap skyward in Mountrail County in the fourth quarter of 2010.
This newspaper has periodically reported on increases the past three years, but none have moved so much in one quarter and there is no way Christmas sales were that strong, although retail is enjoying a robust economy across the state.
All five of the principal communities in Mountrail County took huge jumps in taxable sales and purchases, led by Plaza with the largest percentage gain of 410.90 percent. In dollars, Stanley led the way with $19.663 million, eclipsing Carrington, Grafton and Valley City, Grafton and Valley City being much larger communities. Stanley’s TSP’s were up 86 percent from the fourth quarter in 2009.

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