June 9, 2016

The ‘Blue Bus’ makes one last trip

By Edna Sailor

Long before Fed Ex and UPS emerged onto the scene to deliver supplies and parcels, "the blue bus" as it has been commonly called, moved packages and even people from Minot to area businesses and home towns along highway 23. Not anymore. Not for a long time.

The bus line which changed hands frequently over the years, gave way to newer forms of travel and package delivery. The old blue bus, so familiar to those who experienced and witnessed its vital services, has remained stationary in New Town since it ceased to provide services.

Very soon now, the bus will be sold and the vintage 1974 Checker Aerobus will move down highway 23 one more time making the last journey it ever takes from New Town. The bus was the only delivery connection between New Town, Parshall, Plaza, Makoti and Ryder during its illustrious past.

No one seems sure about how many bus line owners and operators there were, but there are still a few folks around who know some of them.

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