January 15, 2010

The ‘ultimate leadership experience

The ‘ultimate leadership experience
Parshall FCCLA co-hosted a lock-in with the FFA over the holiday season. But the lock-in is just one of the many activities FCCLA members are part of during the school year.
Students are known to make poor choices on New Year’s Eve so the Family Career and Community Leadership of America (FCCLA) group wanted to offer activities for everyone under 21 years of age, not only because kids may make poor choices, but also because teenagers seem to think there is never anything to do in Parshall.
FCCLA sponsors the lock-ins, but it also helps students, teachers and schools in many other ways.
There are 54 members in the Parshall chapter. Dues are $20, which unfortunately isn’t retained locally. Nine dollars goes to national dues and $2 goes to state dues. That leaves $8 left to buy $15 T-shirts. At that point, members have to kick-in and do a little fundraising.
The chapter just finished its biggest fund-raiser, the Christmas wreaths and greens. STAR events and state FCCLA leadership are coming up so there are a lot of goals to meet.

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