March 14, 2019

Time to catch up

By Jerry W. Kram
It’s no news to anybody that February and early March were miserable. But now it looks like there is a turn in the weather and the crews building the new Parshall High School are going to use that to make up for lost time.
Jim Parras from EngTech Engineering reported to the Parshall School Board that the project lost about 12 days over the last six weeks due to cold and windy weather. Federal safety regulations and the limits of some of the equipment shut down work when temperatures dropped far below zero.
“It was a tough month and we will see what we can do to make up time,” Parras said. “But we are making progress. The roofers are out there and soon we will have the building enclosed.”
Parras said he was confident crews would be able to catch up to their schedule fairly quickly. He said the project was also still on budget, despite the delays. Once the roof is finished, the building can be heated and the ground underneath thawed out. Parras said that would take about five weeks. Then work could start on the interior of building.

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