July 31, 2009

Tribal tourism summit is a big draw on Fort Berthold

Tribal tourism summit is a big draw on Fort Berthold
A tourism summit held last Wednesday at Three Affiliated Tribes Earth Lodge Village is an excellent indicator of things to come, an official says.
Karen Sitting Crow, the Three Affiliated Tribes Tribal Tourism development and curriculum specialist, was very pleased with the turnout of nearly 100 people from all segments and communities on the Fort Berthold Reservation.
She said that is the first step of many that will bring tribal tourism to the forefront, not only on Fort Berthold, but on all five reservations in North Dakota.
“The tourism industry is the second leading industry in North Dakota,” Sitting Crow said. “And tribal tourism is a critical component for that industry in North Dakota.”
Although Sitting Crow said the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara have been essentially been dealing in tourism for 500 years, it has recently become a stronger element of the economy across the state and many are beginning to realize that.

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