November 29, 2012

Utah firm selected to build Makoti Refinery

Utah firm selected to build Makoti Refinery
By Jerry W. Kram
A Utah based company that has a history of building refineries in Asia and Africa has been selected to build the Three Affiliated Tribes Clean Fuels Refinery near Makoti. When completed, the Makoti project will be the first refinery built in the continental United States in more than 30 years.
Chemex, Inc., of Salt Lake City, will engineer and build the interior modular phase of the refinery, which will be operated by the tribally owned company Thunder Butte Petroleum Services, Inc. The contract was announced by Tribal Chairman Tex Hall and the Tribal Business Council on Nov. 16.
“With the hiring of Chemex, the Clean Fuels Refinery is one step closer to becoming a reality,” Hall said. They bring experience and expertise to the project. They’ve built refineries in the United States and throughout the world. This refinery will produce clean fuels that will power our Nation into the future.”
Thunder Butte issued a request for proposals for the construction and financing for the refinery project earlier this year. The Three Affiliated Tribes has been working with the Northern Slope Regional Corporation to plan the construction phase of the project. The Corval Group, a national company with an office in Beulah, has been providing consulting services on the financial aspects of the refinery project.

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