January 2, 2020

We have a new look

By Jerry W. Kram
As you picked up the paper this week you probably notices things are a little bit different.
The new year means a new look for the New Town News, Mountrail County Record and all the other BHG papers.
All nine papers owned by BHG of Garrison, including two in Mountrail County, three in McLean County, and three in Mercer and Oliver Countys, have adopted a dramatically different front page layout for the first issue of 2020.
The new design takes each newspaper’s logo, known more commonly in the journalism industry as the flag, and moves it to the side of the page.
One reason for the change was to to move the address label space from the top right of each paper to the bottom left, giving more room above the fold for news. The original plan was to then allow each newspaper’s flag to stretch across the top of the front page, but this would mean designers would have to work around the box set aside for the address label at the bottom of the page.

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