February 25, 2016

Who is US Silica?

By Edna Sailor

US Silica is no stranger to the oil industry even if its footprint into North Dakota is relatively new. The company already operates a facility in New Town and proposes to build another transload facility in the Plaza-Makoti are to provide more direct support to its customer base and enhance services to them.

In its overall operations nationwide, US Silica views itself as a leading producer of commercial silica used in the oil and gas industry and in a wide range of industrial applications. Over its 115 year history, the company been involved in mining, processing, logistics and materials science and deliver more than 260 products. The company currently operates nine industrial sand production plants and eight oil and gas sand production plants. The company is headquartered in Frederick, Md., with offices in Chicago, Ill.; Houston, Texas and Shanghai, China.

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