November 26, 2014

Wildcats and Warriors learn to play the game

By Edna Sailor

A cold and unforgiving wind blew eastward down North Dakota Highway 23. It was an icy day in general, but two teams of sixth graders braved the frigid temperatures to attend an afternoon basketball game in Makoti. So did their parents, grandparents and fans. The bleachers were not packed as they are in many high school games. Indeed this was a very small crowd from Plaza and Makoti (Lewis and Clark) and White Shield. There were no bands or cheerleaders.

So why would these fans start cars in the cold, travel out of town, it on cold hard bleachers? It is simple. They all think sports are one of the important investments in growth and development of youth. They put it this way.

We want to see our kids get experience and learn the importance of fairness and sportsmanship," one parent said.

"Kids need a way to run off some steam and still learn. We want to share that with them," another stated.

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