June 4, 2010

Wind flips new dock at Parshall Bay

Wind flips new dock at Parshall Bay
Local electric company comes to the rescue

Mountrail-Williams Electric was working in the neighborhood and was able to assist the caretakers at Parshall Bay after a gale-force wind literally blew a new dock off it’s foundation and flipped it into the water nearby.
Kim and Barb Knudson were stunned after they discovered that a new dock placed in Parshall Bay by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department was moved by the wind, a reminder of the powerful force of nature.
“The wind washed it out, moved it about 30 feet from its ramp and tipped it upside down,” Kim Knudson said. “The power company was here on Friday and asked if there was anything they could do.”
Knudson said the crew, made up of Jeremy Folven, Kyle Jessen and Devin Dorval quickly went to work hooking their boom truck up to the dock and slowly dragging it out of the shallow water.
Knudson said the dock was brand new and the biggest concern was getting it out of the water without damanging the walking grate. He said the Mountrail-Williams crew did an excellent job, first pulling it out of the water, then turning it right side up and finally easing it back into its rightful plac

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