June 24, 2011

Wrigley, DOT officials tour Mountrail County roads

Wrigley, DOT officials tour Mountrail County roads
Ever since Gov. Jack Dalrymple signed two historic infrastructure investment packages in April, area officials have been wondering how much of the $1.73 billion budget is going to trickle down to help pay for road repairs in Mountrail County. After a visit by Lt. Gov. Drew Wrigley and Grant Levi, an Engineer with the North Dakota Department of Transportation, last Wednesday those figures can now start to become more concrete.
The tour was originally designed to have Vice Chairman Scott Eagle, Councilman Arnold Strahs, Tribal Roads Department Director Doyle Bell and Pete Hale of the MHA Nation Energy Division accompany the lieutenant governor to tour BIA Road 12, BIA Road 14, BIA Road 17 and BIA Road 6 but due to time constraints the crew was only able to see the work along 88th Ave. NW until it connected with BIA Road 6.

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