September 11, 2014

Zoning board recommends denial of transload project

By Edna Sailor

The Mountrail County Planning and Zoning Board has recommended that Mountrail County Commissioners "deny request" for a permit to rezone agricultural land use to industrial. The request was submitted from Reservoir Silicates LLP, a Canadian based company. The proposed project would be known as the Makoti Multi-modal Industrial Rail Park.

The Reservoir Silicates LP rezoning application was tabled in July to allow for further study. According to Don Longmuir, Zoning Board Administrator, the "deny request" recommendation is planned for submission to the Mountrail County Commissioners on Tuesday, September 16. Reservoir Silicates LP did not respond to news requests for comment, however, local officials believe the company is likely to appeal a "deny request" decision by Mountrail County Commissioners.

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