January 27, 2012

Braves battle some tough teams

Braves battle some tough teams
By William Wilber

The Parshall Braves traveled to Minot on Saturday, Jan. 14, to play the Glenburn Panthers. The Braves were close and in the game until there were four minutes left to play. At that time, two of the Braves players fouled out. Unfortunately, the two who fouled out were protecting the inside and the Panthers were too big for the remaining players. The teams were so evenly matched that the loss of two players tipped the game to the Panthers. The Panthers scored eighteen points to the Braves ten in the fourth quarter. The free throws were Panthers 13 for 25 and Braves 5 of 10.
The quarter scoring was Braves-15, Panthers-17 in the first; Braves-35, Panthers -34 at the half; Braves-47, Panthers -50 after three quarters and Braves-57, Panthers -68 final. The game could have gone either way until the fourth quarter.


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