February 21, 2013

Braves take second in District Tournament

Braves take second in District Tournament
By Jerry W. Kram

The Parshall Braves beat Mandaree 61-39, and their rival, the New Town Eagles, 65-61 before falling to the number one seed Watford City Wolves 65-55 to take second in the District 15 Boys Basketball Tournament in New Town. The Braves’ performance earned them a first round matchup with the Tioga Pirates in the Region 8 Tournament in Williston on Monday.
“The boys needed to believe,” said Braves Coach Dusty Olson. “We believed we could beat New Town and we did it. From the start, nobody expected us to do much because we are a very young team. But we made a lot of people believers.”
The Braves were the third seed in the tournament, coming in with a 5-12 record. The Braves had little trouble with their first round opponent , a very young Mandaree Warriors team that was 0-8. The Braves outscored the Warriors 32-11 in the first half and played their bench in the second half. The Braves wound up with 12 players in the scoring column.
The atmosphere was like a championship game for the Braves second round matchup with the New Town Eagles. The Eagles were the second seed in the tournament and had a 11-7 record. The game was very close from the opening shot to the closing buzzer. The game was tied at 16 after one quarter and the Eagles had a two point, 33-31 lead at halftime. The Eagles seven point lead after the third quarter was the biggest lead either team would have in the game. The Braves staged a major comeback while holding the Eagles to just 8 points in the final eight minutes to earn a trip to the championship game, 65-61.

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