September 13, 2012

Braves tromp Hettinger-Scranton 64-34

Braves tromp Hettinger-Scranton 64-34
by Michelle Brown

The energy was high, as Parshall stepped out on the field Homecoming night to play against the Hettinger-Scranton Nighthawks.
With one game in their pocket, the Braves were not about to let this one go. That is exactly what happened. The first quarter was merely a warm up. Dexter Two Crow scored a touch down, and Jade Moran following with a two point conversion. Hettinger also scorerd a touch down, with Cody Tomac finishing up with a two point conversion.
The second quarter saw the offensive power of Parshall erupt with Two Crow scoring two touchdowns with long runs of 7 and 45 yards and a two point conversion run. Monte Good Bird followed the second run with a two point conversion. In all, the Braves added another 24 points to the scoreboard. Hettinger saw another touchdown with a five yard run from Tanner Sanford, but stopped there with and unsuccessful conversion run. At half time, the scoreboard had crept to Parshall-WS 32 to Hettinger 14.

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