August 15, 2012

Dobbs wins close race

Dobbs wins close race
by Michelle Brown
The Earth Lodge Village was the scene of six exciting races all of which required much strength and stamina. The Adult Warrior of the Plains Race was an especially grueling race that has been held in conjunction with the Little Shell Powwow for several years. It is race where anything can happen, and from behind a winner will emerge triumphant. That very thing happened in the adult mens race as David Dobbs emerged over the hill on his horse Saturday, August 11.
The race started early and the sky was overcast. Seven contestants lined up at the shore for the first part of the race which was a 3 mile canoe race. Justin Spotted Bear took the lead in the first part of the race. He was well in front of the others when he made it to shore and started the next leg, two laps over a three mile course consisting of hills and brush. Spotted Bear was still in the lead as he prepared for the last leg of the race also run on the same track, a relay of three separate horses.

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