February 25, 2016

High flying Braves cap season with a win


By Jerry W. Kram

The Braves put on a show for the home town crowd in the Parshall High School Gymnasium as they easily handled to the Powers Lake Ranchers 73-56.

The win showcased the team’s athletic ability as junior Deyondre Simpson and sophomore Billy Johnson put on a demonstration. Johnson had a couple of dunks, one on an Alley-Oop pass from Simpson. Not to be outdone, Simpson finished the the first half with a three quarter court shot that hit nothing but net to end the first half.

"We let the kids play athletically," said Head Coach Wade Baker. "There were a couple of Alley-Ooops and the three quarter shot. That kind of stuff was happening. It was kind of unusual for me to see that stuff happening. But it was the last game of the season and I think the kids were having fun."

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