February 10, 2012

Lady Braves have 13 wins, 3 losses

Lady Braves have 13 wins, 3 losses
By William Wilber

Yes, the varsity Lady Braves are 13 and 3.
Lady Braves Coach Mervin Packineau said “it’s been a while since we’ve had a record like this.” A knowledgeable source said it’s been about ten years since they have had this kind of season.
The Lady Braves’ first two losses early in the season happened while Coach Packineau was sorting out his players. The Lady Braves have many young talented players who are having their first season in varsity ball and the coach needed to figure out where they would work best. It didn’t take long for the coach to sort it out. The Lady Braves started dominating teams and got a winning streak going.
The only bump in the road after that was a loss in the battle for first place in the district. That loss was against an undefeated New Town Lady Eagles team who are ranked 5th in state. After that game, the Lady Braves were in a tie for second place in the district with Watford City. The Lady Braves next game, on February 14 at home, against Watford City, will determine second place and second seed in the district. With the district tournament coming up, this is an important game. To help that cause, the last games for the Lady Braves have been decisive wins.
On Monday, Jan. 30, the Lady Braves traveled to Garrison to take on the Garrison Lady Troopers. The Lady Braves’ defense was working well early so the Lady Braves went ahead 11 to 2 at the end of the first quarter.

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