January 20, 2012

Lady Braves win close game

Lady Braves win close game
By William Wilber

The Lady Braves met the evenly matched North Shore Plaza Wildcats and battled to a win on Tuesday, January 17, 2012. The whole game was a back and forth battle with neither team getting more than a six point lead. The Lady Braves outlasted the Wildcats to take a 54-51 victory.
In the first quarter, the Wildcats jumped into a lead but the Lady Braves fought back quickly. At the end of the first quarter, the Lady Braves led the Wildcats, 11 to 8. The see-saw battle went back and forth in the second quarter and the Wildcats led at half time 22 to 26. The difference in the first half was scoring and rebounding of Cheyenne Packineau. When she came out, the Wildcats went ahead.
After a half time talk by Coach Mervin Packineau, the Lady Braves came out ready to retake control of the game. The Lady Braves had patience and took care of the ball. At the end of three, the Lady Braves trailed 39 to 42. In the fourth quarter, the Lady Braves caught up and went ahead by three with two and a half minutes left.

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