March 11, 2011

Mandaree Enterprise local branch closing

Mandaree Enterprise local branch closing

Until recently, those who were employed at Mandaree Enterprise Corporation’s Garrison branch believed their jobs were secure.
A couple weeks ago, after Teddi Johnson, manager of the Garrison branch, announced that she had accepted a position with another company, Wayne and Crystle Rowe began to question how long they would be employed. Crystle said she and her husband, both employed as customer service representatives, anticipated they would be employed “at least until the end of July” when a service contact between their employer and Noridian would be fulfilled.
Last week, however, they learned that the Garrison center would be closing March 18. With only four customer service representatives at the Garrison branch, employees were told it was no longer “cost effective” to remain open. (At one time, about 18 customer service employees worked at the local branch.)
During a meeting last week with Clarence O’Berry, the company’s president and CEO, employees of the Garrison center were told they could transfer to the company’s Fargo branch. After considering various options, the Rowes decided they would move to Fargo but that they would seek other employment.

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