January 13, 2012

Parshall boys play four away games in six days

Parshall boys play four away games in six days
By William Wilber

The Parshall Braves boys basketball team had a long week, going 1-3 in a six day span.
The first game, against North Shore at Plaza, on Jan. 5 began with the starters on the bench. The second string fought hard but the first quarter ended Parshall Braves 2 and NSP Wildcats 22. The starters battled back in the second quarter but couldn’t get out of the hole. NSP fought back to keep their lead. The first half ended Braves 20 and Wildcats 36. The team stepped up again in the third quarter but the exertion of the first half battle was having its affect. End of three, Braves 37, Wildcats 56. The Wildcats’ rebounding was making a difference and five three point shots by NSP’s Alec Lee kept the Wildcats in the lead. An injury slowed down NSP’s Costas Kok but he was still very affective at the boards. The Braves fought hard to the end of the game but the final score was Braves 53, Wildcats 76. Scoring was spread out: Ken Wells-21, Jade Moran-11, Josh Ector-9, Tre Coffey-8, Dexter Two Crow-2, Wilbur Wilkinson-1 and Scott Wilson-1. The Braves could not overcome a very determined Wildcat team.

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