November 13, 2009

Parshall Braves going for all the marbles

Parshall Braves going for all the marbles
Football team opens 2009 Dakota Bowl against Hankinson
Predicted to finish fourth in the region this year, the Parshall Braves have fooled everyone but their hometown fans and are playing for the state 9-man championship today at noon in the Fargodome.
If you ask anyone on the street, they will tell you they knew all along that this team had the drive and determination to get through a tough regular season and a grueling playoff schedule that has brought them to the title game where they will face the Hankinson Pirates in the Dakota Bowl.
Bob Huus is one of Parshall’s biggest fans. He works with three of the players in the Parshall Food Pride grocery store and just knows the team is going to win the big game. He admits he had his doubts after the Braves were spanked early in the season in Mohall. But since that time, there was no doubt in his mind where this team would end up.
“This is the best thing that’s happened around here in quite a while,” Huus said. “They are just a fun group to watch.”
He said the players are probably a little scared knowing they are playing to a statewide television audience and an opponent that seems to have the ability to score at will. But, according to Huus, it won’t take long for them to settle down and get down to business.
“They back each other up and that’s helped the motivation,” Huus said. “There’s not a big gap in talent and everyone is filling in. Each one of them have stepped up.”
Huus, who played on the 1973 team that had a good season and featured former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Randy Hedberg, called himself a fan of the kids that hears compliment after compliment from the players.

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