February 17, 2012

Parshall Lady Braves lose two but still on track

Parshall Lady Braves lose two but still on track
By William Wilber

On Feb. 7, the Lady Braves traveled to Turtle Lake to take on the Turtle Lake Trojans. The Lady Braves played well on defense and offense. The two teams were evenly matched. The quarter scores and final reflected that. The first quarter ended Lady Braves 8 and Trojans 11. The Lady Braves fought back to lead at the half, 21 to 19. The third quarter ended with the Lady Braves leading 33 to 30.
The last few seconds of the game were confusion, missed opportunities and bad luck. The score was tied at 38 with about six seconds left and the shot clock running down for the Trojans. With about four seconds left in the game and a few seconds before the shot clock ended, a Trojan player tried a shot that hit the rim. A Lady Brave got the rebound with two seconds in the game. Then the shot clock horn sounded late and in error. The players thought it was the end of the game and the Lady Brave took a step and dropped the ball. She was called for traveling and the Trojans were given the ball under their basket with two seconds left. The Trojans executed one play, managed a basket with no time left and won the game 40 to 38. It was a very tough loss for the Lady Braves.

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