March 6, 2014

Parshall takes third in Region


By Jerry W. Kram

Parshall battled to the wire to hold on to take third place in the Region 8 Basketball Tournament in Williston over the North Shore Plaza Wildcats by a score of 64-61.

The Braves broke out early and had a 25-12 lead over the Wildcats by the end of the first quarter. North Shore clawed its way slowly back into the game , gaining four points in the second quarter and five in the third to cut a 16 point lead in the early second quarter to just four points in the end of the third. The Wildcats were able to get within a point of the braves in the final quarter, but the Braves’ Dean Foote stole the ball in the waning seconds of the game for a layup that ended the game with a three point victory.

"The boys felt pretty good in the first half," said Braves head coarch Dusty Olson. "But they told me they were a little tired from the week and the long bus ride. I was pretty pleased with the way the came out. They were pretty comfortable. Probably the most comfortable I’ve seen them play in a while."

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