December 25, 2009

Peace starts at home

Peace starts at home
Braves choose to leave aggression on field
By Brock Christianson and Payton Two Crow

The Parshall Braves football team proudly earned second place in state 9-man football playoffs. They also proudly wear sweatshirts with the message “Peace Starts at Home.”
You may wonder, “What does football have to do with peace? Well actually it has a lot to do with peace,” player Brock Christianson said.
“Football players are taught to have aggression on the field, but must also understand that aggression is best left on the field.”
“Let me put it this way,” Christianson explained, “There are three types of communication styles, aggressive, assertive, and passive, and once an athlete or anyone understands them, they have the knowledge to use these communication styles properly.”
Mountrail County Domestic Violence Program, N.W., gave the sweatshirts to the team. As members of the local task force watched the young men climb to the top they were impressed not only with their athleticism but also with how well mannered and respectable the team presented itself. It did not matter if the boys won at state or not, they were winners in the eyes of the Task Force for being such admirable young men.
As the players were given their sweatshirts they made a verbal promise to never, ever, ever strike a woman and if they saw someone else abusing a woman in any way they would put a stop to it.

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