February 1, 2018

Wildcats split two – Lady Wildcats fall

The North Shore-Plaza Wildcats split two games this week and Lady Wildcats couldn’t get past their opponents in two District 15 matchups.
In the first time in nearly five years, the White Shield Warriors claimed victory over the Wildcats from North Shore-Plaza. North Shore-Plaza traveled to White Shield Tuesday, Jan. 23, for the District 15 matchup. The Cats lost by a slim margin—only four points short of taking home the win.
The Warriors were behind for most of the first half, but were able to eliminate their point deficit – bringing the score to a tie game heading into halftime. By the end of the third quarter, White Shield was on top, and in the fourth quarter, the Cats were unable to regain their lead – falling to the Warriors 65-69.
Individual player statistics and percentages were unavailable for the Warriors. Leading in assists and rebounds for the Wildcats was Hart Andes, who had six assists and 11 rebounds. Andes also scored 20 points, earning a double-double that night.
The top scorer for NS-P was the other starting center, Hayden Andes, who had 21 points against the Warriors. Starting guard, Ty Edwards dropped 15 points, Aaron Jaros had two, and Dylan Rynestad and Lucas Brown are in the books for one point. Brown came in second with assists – having four.

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