December 30, 2015

2015: City Council totals up construction costs


The New Town City Council devoted a lot of money to construction projects in 2015. The total of the dozen projects was just over $40 million. Almost half of that, $18.6 million, was for the expansion of the city’s water treatment plant.

About three quarters of cost of the dozen city projects was covered by outside grants and loans. The city has received a $9.6 million grant and a $5 million loan for the water plant construction. The city will be using the $8.75 in surge funding designated by the 2015 North Dakota Legislature to cover about 70 percent of the cost of nine other projects. The remaining 30 percent, about $3.8 million, will come from the city’s oil and gas payments from the state.

The big hole in the budget will come from the city’s projected $9 million sewage lagoon expansion. A funding source for that project is yet to be designated.

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