December 30, 2015

2015: The year Main Street was closed

It has been a tumultuous year for New Town in 2015. No bigger reason for this disruption was the beginning and completion of the long delayed renovation of Main Street.

The complete replacement of Main Street, along with the sewer and water lines underneath it, was originally planned for 2009. But by that time the Bakken Boom was in full swing. There was so much traffic that it was determined that without a bypass for North Dakota Highway 23, it would be impossible to reroute the thousands of trucks and cars that used the street every day. Construction on the bypass was set to begin in 2013, but former Three Affiliated Tribes Chairman Tex Hall withheld his approval for the project because of its proximity to the Elbowoods Memorial Clinic and construction didn’t start until 2014.

With the completion of the bypass, work on Main Street was bidded and Marschuetz Construction of Missouri won the project. Roger Watson, the company’s project supervisor, became a familiar sight as he met with with city officials and the New Town Chamber to make sure everyone knew exactly how the project was coming along. Watson said the company planned to work closely with Main Street businesses to keep their doors open during construction and make sure their customers have access.

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