May 17, 2018

Air Force loses explosive ordinance near Parshall

The the US Air Force reported some lost explosive ordinance on a rural road near Parshall on May 1.
Mountrail County Sheriff Ken Halvorson stated that his office was notified of the loss on May 4. Air Force officials stated that they had searched the area extensively and were unable to locate the missing explosives.
The explosives were lost on 76th Ave NW, somewhere between 33rd St NW and Highway 23, which is four miles west of Parshall and south of Highway 23 for six miles. Individuals living on this route were contacted immediately and asked to keep an eye out for the missing property as well as EOG Resources Oil Company, which operates many oil leases in that area.
On May 8th,2018, agents from the Air Force Office of Special Investigations met with Sheriff Halvorson and outlined their investigation into the missing explosives and asked for assistance. The Sheriff’s Office has contacted many of the oil field vendors that operate in that area as well as farmers in the area, asking them to forward any information they receive to the Sheriff’s Office.

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