July 7, 2016

Area crops are hit and miss

By Jerry W. Kram

"Crops are all over the board," said Mountrail County Ag Agent Jim Hennessy.

Crop conditions have varied widely this summer in Mountrail County, Hennessy said. While most of the crops are in fair to good shape, some areas are still suffering from dry conditions while fields nearby have flooded out.

"We have parts of the county that have had extra rain and some parts that could use a shot of rain," he said. "But on average we look pretty good. We should have an average to above average crop come harvest."

The storms that have rolled across the county almost weekly for the past two months have been inconsistent. Early in the growing season, the area north of U.S. Highway 2 from White Earth and Tioga to Blaisdell were hit by damaging hail and had to be reseeded. While most of the county has received plenty of moisture, some areas have gone without.

"I’ve talked with guys who have had 3 ½ inches while the guy just two miles away only got ten-hundredths," Hennessy said. "It’s not been very uniform. We haven’t have the type of storms that spread the rain evenly. We got the dumpers."

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