December 23, 2014

Area poised for safe New Year

By Edna Sailor

Gathering to celebrate New Year’s Eve is not new. Our traditions were began long before the time of Christ or the modern day calendar. How we celebrate has changed over time. While we all look forward to a New Year, we want to experience it as safely as we can. To that end, some local bars and establishments have plans in place to help ensure the safety of the public. Volunteers are retained to safely transport patrons as needed.

The American Legion Club in New Town provides this service all year and not just on New Year’s Eve. The Scenic provides volunteers as well and has secured an additional resource from the Territorial Inn. Vehicles will be allowed to park in their parking lot over night within plain view of cameras surrounding the buildings.

Mountrail County Sheriff Ken Halvorson has seen many New Year’s Eves come and go in his career. He says that law enforcement will be out in full force again this year. He advises "people should use common sense, be sure the vehicle headlights are on, find a designated driver if you think you might need one, try to stay off the road before heavy traffic times set in and use caution at all times. We are ready to support communities as needed as well."

The Parshall Resource Center, Circle of Life in New Town and UCC Church have partnered to sponsor a sobriety celebration at the Light House in New Town on New Year’s Eve.

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