September 18, 2019

Art inspires Yellowbird to share MHA Nation with the world

Art inspires Yellowbird to share MHA Nation with the world
By Logan J. Davis
Art and creative expression is how MHA Nation tribal member Monte Yellowbird has been leaving his mark on the world. Yellowbird was recently a guest speaker at an event at the tribal college in New Town where he shared much of his personal vision and explained what drives him to create and do what he can to teach younger people the importance of heritage, art and good storytelling.
Yellowbird was invited to speak by Dr. Ruth Hall, NHSC Native Studies Department Director. The title of Yellowbird’s presentation last week was “Designing a Path for Success.” Dr. Hall emphasized that Yellowbird is the first of many speakers in a series of fall lectures (MHA Speaker Series) sponsored by her department and hosted by NHSC.
Surrounded by many of the creations that he is known for, Yellowbird said he is proud of his roots and that he wants to contribute to the college students in their path to success in some way. He opened his presentation by calling attention to the importance of connecting yourself to the spiritual world.

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