June 11, 2015

Aslakson steps down from RTC


After 28 years at Reservation Telephone Cooperative (RTC), Royce looks back (and ahead) with a smile. There is a childhood photo of Royce Aslakson holding a toy phone and his career in telecommunications makes perfect sense. He’s staring at the handset with curious eyes and the start of a grin.

"Since I was into gadgets when I was little, that toy phone was given to me during the photo shoot to get me to sit still and smile," recalls Royce. "It’s pretty funny that I ended up spending 28 years working for Reservation Telephone Cooperative."

On June 1, 2015, Royce Aslakson retired as CEO/General Manager of RTC, making this an ideal time for him to reflect on past experiences and share future plans.

"I grew up on a family farm south of Ray. I loved it. I got to work around cattle and machinery, and fix this and that. You learn a lot of practical things as part of farm life," Royce says.

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