May 7, 2010

Auditor arrested

Auditor arrested
New Town city auditor charged with embezzlement


A New Town woman has been arrested on charges she embezzled more than $50,000 from the city of New Town.
Tanya Salter, 39, who has served in the capacity as city auditor, was taken into custody April 29 by the Mountrail County Sheriff’s Department for the charge of misapplication of entrusted funds, a Class B felony.
Later that same day, the city council held a hasty special meeting, suspending Salter without benefits until further notice.
City attorney Wade Enget said there is no pleasure in what the city council had to do last Thursday since Salter has been employed with the city for nearly two decades.
He said there were discrepancies in amounts coming in so the council asked the state to do an audit.
According to a news release issued by the Mountrail County Sheriff’s Department, a complaint alleges that Salter failed to deposit money collected from a water salesman at the water plant and diverted the funds for her personal use.

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