June 14, 2018

Beautiful Weather, Big Fish

Van Hook Classic has big weekend
By Jerry W. Kram
When the Van Hook Classic Catch and Release Tournament was rebooted five years ago, 40 pounds of of walleye caught over two days was good enough for a top five finish. For the 2018 tournament, 40 pounds wouldn’t get you close to cracking the top 50.
No, Craig Seykora of Minot and Kyle Germundson of Washburn needed more than 63 pounds to claim the top prize of $10,000 for this year’s competition. To get into the money at 20th place, at least 47 pounds of fish were needed.
Seykora said he and Germundson had won a tournament at Van Hook before in 1999. It was good to get back into the winner’s circle. He said they found the big fish by going deep, between 25 and 30 feet, and using crankbaits. He said he’s never had back to back days like he experienced this weekend.
“All week, ever since Monday, the fish were there,” Seykora said. “This tournament is top-notch. Everything from unloading the boats to all the fish going back, just everything is top notch. This is a quality fishery and every year it is getting better.”

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